Standard Region


Region Purchase!!

You are purchasing a single region 256 x256 with 35,000 prims this can be connected to the grid waters or it can be standalone the choice is yours just let us knows in the special comments section of the form below of your choice. ( Water connections are providing there is a space)


Ocean-connected land must have no ban lines and have object entry set to everyone, scripts allowed, and push on. If you do not wish to have ocean-connected land please select a PRIVATE region. All private regions away from the oceans if using ban lines must allow the avatar GRID OWNER to be whitelisted at all times. 

We accept PayPal for ease of use and instant payments, Please make sure you fill out all the fields so we can process your order as quickly as possible without delay. When ordering your region: your region name must be 3 words max, Copyrighted or obscene names are not permitted. It can take up to 24 hours for your new region to become active (in most cases much sooner).

Please fill out the form below, then add your region to your cart and purchase.

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