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Most viewers have a grid selector which in many cases is already visible, and located at the bottom of the login screen. If it is not visible, try pressing Ctrl-Shift-G to (un)hide the grid selector.

If the grid is present in the list

If you see the grid you want to connect to in the grid selector, then simply choose it from the drop down menu, enter the username and password that you chose when you created your account on that grid, and click the “Log in” button.

If the grid is missing from the list

If your preferred grid is not present in the drop-down menu, then you will have to add it manually. You will have to do this only once.
In Firestorm, you will select Viewer -> Preferences from the top left-hand corner of your screen before you log in.

Select Preferences from the VIEWER menu.

When you click Preferences it will open the Preferences Menu. You will go down the list on the left hand side and find OPENSIM. This is where you will add Enchanted Grid to your Menu of log ins.

Click the “Apply” or “OK” button to store your new grid in the menu, and you will be ready to log in!

place the log-in URL into the area that says ADD NEW GRID (see example above)

Now you’re ready to Put in your AVATAR name, password and LOG IN!

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