Welcome to Enchanted

Enchanted Grid is a Halcyon Based Grid. We are currently OPEN and you can join us at any time! We are still new, and new regions are being brought online every day!

We are working on connecting a few last few things to make Enchanted the best Halcyon grid out there, but we have some news to share:

  1. Region purchases are done manually for right now, so please allow 24-48 hours for regions to be delivered! We’re working on speeding this up!
  2. To purchase currency please log in to your resident account and you can purchase currency. Login here.
  3. Avatars are not set when you join us so you’ll be a cloud, but do not worry! We have a free avatar shop on welcome to get you set up right away with a MESH avatar from the start!

Want to join us? Great! you can set up an account and log in to join us! There’s lots of fun to be had and more information coming soon!


Your Enchanted Grid Staffers!

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